Saturday, September 26, 2009

Do over

Have you ever felt like you keep saying the same things over and over again with no one listening? I feel like I am not even listening lately. I get this new blog going OK fine I literally make one post. It's hardly considered getting it actually 'going' in the sense of working or functioning. Any way when I got this blog 'going' I then proceeded to be attacked by the outside world. Germs had entered my home. Not just any germs but evil head cold germs that had snuck into my home while using my two older children as hosts. Well I say this because the two older kids got a runny nose and then a cough and the nose is now gone. Not literally but in the terms of germy mucus monsters having dried up. The youngest monkey then proceeded to do the little fever stuffy nose cough thing. I cared for him and loved him and then he hijacked my water bottle without my knowledge more than once and slimed it! I am normally a horrible mother. I allow my kids to share my water when thirsty and they don't have theirs. I know I know eeewww kid cooties. Oh well. I don't share when they are eating however! That is just . . . another story about my youngest brother and drinking straw, crushed ice and well lets just say that a chewed french fry passes as crushed ice when first entering the mouth! Not me but my mom. I learned from watching her gag that fry all over Target's aisle. Well this little one thinks that mommy is kidding when I demand my water bottle back while his is right in front of him. Back to the story . . .

The germs just used the kids to get to me. They did I promise they said (in little grimey voiceswith accents straight out of the broncs. Don't ask why.)

"yo Hey there's Laura. She hasn't been sick in a year. let's get her!"

I got the brunt of the little evils. Isn't that how it goes? Though I normally have a pretty strong immune system and don't always get what they have. Pounding head plugged ears beyond hearing ringing and throbbing and lovely cough super deep mannish voice to match (put it this way I could sing some of the bass notes with my church choir) and stuffed sinuses. This past few weeks while I was non functioning anything that didn't Have to be done didn't get done. Yes have with a capital H. Blogging wasn't on the list of Have to be done. Laundry and dishes with caring for and feeding 'water thief' were about it.

My poor clients. Thank you for being patient. I really do appreciate it. I am almost back to 100% and am editing photos again. If you haven't seen previews you should get them in the next few days. If you have enjoy.

I am going to open a facebook account for clients to send friends to and my website is being built as we speak. YAY.

Back to minimal talk on my behalf. Thanks for reading my blabber.

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