Tuesday, September 15, 2009

new blog. . . again

I have had a hard time with settling on this latest dilemma. Having started doing some commercial work for clients some are men. Not just your run of the mill men but manly men... I know that they may read this. Some of them were concerned with the name Brilliant Blossomz Photography showing up on their payroll statements let alone their actual websites. Then it hit me. I have loved Brilliant Blossomz since I put it together in 2005 and have yet to get much going under that name. I still love it but I think for photography the name and I have parted ways. I will still use it for my crafts and children's items. My manly clients won't have to fret about it any longer. They can just type out Laura Sokol Photography. That is still a girls name but not tooo girly I hope if so oh well it's my name, deal.

As for this site. It is going to be dedicated solely to client sneak peeks and my favorite photo of the week. I have a goal and you can feel free to hold me accountable however you would like.
GOAL : I will post client sneak peeks here within three days and I will post weekly one photo taken by me that I think you may enjoy. I will keep the chit chat to a minimum.
So if you feel the need to talk or hear me talk... call or check out my other neglected blogs. And without further ado I am off to enhance more client photos to post as quickly as I can.

Thank you for being patient with me while I continue to grow.

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